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Here's what happened...


Store is Offline

Hi all,
I've taken my katelynbrooks.com store offline permanently.
I will no longer be using this journal as well.
See ya later,
~Goddess Katelyn

No new videos this week - Too busy

Update: August 1st, See comments
Hi tinies- I just wanted to let you know there won't be any video updates in my store today. (I've been updating my store every Friday with new videos in case you missed it). The reason is I'm currently working on a huge project that is consuming pretty much all of my time. It's also taking up my emailing and messaging time so if you've sent me an email and I haven't replied, you're not not the only one. Until this project is done, nearly everything is on hold including new journal posts.

Wondering what that large project is?
You may find out next week.

Love ya!
~Goddess Katelyn <3


July 2008 Scarlet Magazine - UK

Status Update - See Comment - July 22nd
About a month ago, the UK based magazine "Scarlet" contacted me with a few questions regarding the Giantess fantasy for an article they were doing on out-there fetishes. I happily answered! ^^ As a result my interview is now in the July issue of Scarlet Magazine.


Birthday Giveaway Winners

My 23rd Birthday has come and gone and best of all I no longer have a hangover ^^ So it's time for me to announce the winners of my Birthday Giveaway!

Hola everyone!

I just wanted to let you know my site may temporarily be down within the next 72 hours due to a much needed hosting switch. ^^ You'll still be able to access my journal for updates via the direct link at http://katelynbrooks.livejournal.com/

The switch will result in faster download speeds and should eliminate congestion problems with new releases. On top of this change I will also be revamping nearly all of the media sections of my site for easier navigation, previewing, and downloading- not to mention giving them a sexy new look!

The revamp will also include a content update with new fanwork (colored drawings from a new pet of mine and new collages), two new collage material sets, and possibly new birthday themed store content. Starting the first week of July I'm planing to make it a custom to update my store every Friday with sexy new videos. ~_^

See you after the switch!

~Goddess Katelyn <3

23rd Birthday Giveaway!!

Hi little ones!

For my birthday I'm having a huge giveaway! All you need to do is send me an email with the subject line of "Birthday Giveaway". It doesn't matter what you put in the actual email, although a little worship wouldn't hurt. ~_^ On the weekend of the 27th I'll be selecting 10 email addresses at complete random. The 10 random winners will receive any three videos of their choice from my store. All the winners will be announced by their desired screen name / first name here on my journal. One email per person please- I'll know if you're cheating!

So don't be shy little ones, here's a birthday gift from your Goddess to get some cool free stuff!
The contest starts... now. ^^

~Goddess Katelyn <3

My Delicious Little Toppings - Released!

My latest special effects movie, "My Delicious Little Toppings" is now for sale in my store! ^^ For screen shots, description, and the link to the movie, click below!


Sneak Peek: My Delicious Little Toppings

Coming by next weekend I'll be releasing a new special effects movie called "My Delicious Little Toppings"! In this sexy fantasy of mine I devour nine shrunken people who are sprinkled atop a bowl of delicious ice cream. ^_^ Yum!!  While at first the shrunken people I captured resisted being in this film, I heard no further complaints from them after they slid off my tongue and down my throat. What's also really great about this movie is that it is one of my shorter special effects movies, which should make it available to those who aren't able to spend on my longer movies but still want a incredibly hot film with special effects like no other. Wanna see? Screen shots and detailed description inside!


23rd Birthday Sale!!

Hey small ones! The 27th of this month happens to be your Goddess's 23rd Birthday and so to start celebrating early I've created a coupon code good for 30% of all items in my store. It'll be good for the next week only so if you've been looking at buying a certain video or videos now would be a good time to get it! =D